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A Gift of LOVE Undeserved

     In 1998, Architect Marie Borromeo Cancio, feeling unfulfilled by the limited reach of her architectural degree and Masters in Business Administration, sought the advice of the former dean of her alma mater, the University of the Philippines. He advised her to take Masters and become an Urban Planner. Marie obtained a scholarship from Asian Development Bank to take up Masters in Urban Design in the University of Hongkong. Before classes began she made  a retreat and there the Holy Spirit led her to a book by St. Louis Marie de Montfort about the Consecration to Jesus Incarnate Wisdom thru Mary. She knelt down and prayed this Total Consecration to Jesus thru Mary and after that felt God wanted her to do something big but she did not know what it was. So humble and undeserved was the gift of  Love Marie had just received that she soon forgot it as she got absorbed in her demanding Masteral studies at HK University. But the Holy Spirit, through Mary had quietly begun his powerful work of transformation in her soul.

     On March 25, 1999, feast of the Annunciation and of the Total Consecration, she had her first supernatural experience: helplessness in a frightening battle then Mary, a victorious Queen resplendent in gold, smiles at her and reassures her that she had already won the battle! A few months after, while praying the rosary during a retreat, Mama Mary gave her part of the meaning of that vision through a locution,This is our victory, our Faith! Victory is ours! Victory is ours!” She emphasized the word “our” to make Marie understand  that it is Mary’s  faith and hers together. Mama Mary  had already won the battle and all Marie had to do was to pray unceasingly.

......And that is what Marie tried to do, aside from her daily Mass and prayer, she squeezed in daily visits before or after work, praying rosaries, in nearby Marian shrines especially that of Our Lady of La Naval in Sto. Domingo Church. Mama Mary was her only refuge. Her greatest trial had no solution and all she could do was cry like a helpless baby everytime she visited her mother. This was how she survived and was able to hide  her many years of trials. She  worked hard and maintained her cheerful demeanor because she did not want others to suffer nor for  her family to know. She lived with blind faith, borrowed from Mother Mary, annihilating self in order to accept and to embrace everything she was receiving from God and those around her. She was all alone. God alone. Jesus, Jesus and only for Jesus---How much she loved Him! He was the only one worth living for. Everything else was dung.

......Together with the pain and suffering, God poured so much love into her heart, telling her that through her and all those who would work with her, He and His Mother would pour all their love for the world, especially for the poor. From the start Marie found herself incapable and God’s mission for her too big and so she told Him frankly, “Send me people and we will do it. If not, I will die from sheer effort so I refuse to do it.” So Marie prayed, suffered and waited for years.


 PEACEThe Freedom to Begin…
     Finally in 2007, Marie, still following God’s will, made a life-changing decision that gave her the freedom to receive God’s graces and to respond. She continued her career in architecture-urban planning and ventured into real estate development.

One Nation Empowered Foundation, 2007
......On July 17, 2008, after finishing the Landmark Forum held at AIM (Asian Institute of Management), Makati City, Philippines, Marie asked a handful of friends and family (from various fields: IT professionals, architects, environmental planners, financial analysts, business people, capacity building consultants)  who were also Landmark graduates whether they wanted to put up a foundation for the poor. Each said Yes!  It was born that night. Weeks later it was christened One Nation Empowered Foundation. Our vision: empowered communities, united in living the values of love, peace and joy -- ONE NATION EMPOWERED ,ONE GLOBAL FAMILY -- empowering each other in LOVE, PEACE AND JOY.

Eventually, Marie realized  another organization was needed to do spiritual work to support ONE foundation’s efforts to empower communities and eventually the nation. For there remained an unquenched desire that God had also placed in her heart: that before all the many great developmental works that she and all those who worked with her would do, Mother Mary would  first be loved and acknowledged as being the cause for all those great works.

The New Earth of Love Peace and Joy, 2009
......In 2009 Marie founded the New Earth of Love Peace and Joy Foundation with friends, mostly from BCBP (Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals). Its vision: the New Earth of Love Peace and Joy where Jesus is King because the Blessed Mother is greatly loved, beginning from the Philippines. Thus was born the mission of laying the foundation for a top-rate holy and (resultingly) holistically developed nation(s) and world: the TOTAL CONSECRATION- a total surrender and servitude to God through the Blessed Mother that fills one to overflowing with the Love and Wisdom of God. The Total Consecration to Jesus thru Mary allows the powerful Spirit of God to transform individuals, families, communities, organizations and entire nations to live in loving union with God thru Mary. It can transform this earth; so severely damaged it is by natural and man-made catastophies (caused by our sins) because it revolves around the 24/7  pursuit of the fleeting goods of honor, pleasure and wealth.


Spread it my darling. Godspeed!
......On April 18, 2011, after her recollection, Marie asked the Blessed Mother in her prayer  if the cataclysm (great tribulation) will also happen in the Philippines. Through an inner locution, the Blessed Mother told Marie,  “My child, to the extent that you spread the Total Consecration, I will spare my children in the Philippines. Spread it my darling. Godspeed!”

Bring Him Back to Me.
......A few days later she met Rodel Mancilla who she did not know had been  destined to help her accomplish her mission. It was her sister-in-law Gigi who invited her to see a property in Antipolo offered by their business documentation consultant Rodel. A few days after, again upon Gigi’s recommendation, Marie asked Rodel to service her documentation needs. During their first business meeting, Mama Mary told Marie, “ Bring him back to me.” He was a baptized Catholic but had spent the last five years in a Christian Church where Jesus had formed him. In the first place, no one had taught him the Catholic faith. , so he forgot Mama Mary to whom he had addressed his petitions and who had always answered them. Marie taught Rodel the Total Consecration to Jesus thru Mary which prayed. In a short time, he went to confession, started to go to Sunday Catholic Masses and learned to pray the rosary. He told Marie that God had inspired his mission as contained in Isaiah 61:the Year of the Lord’s Jubilee. Marie was greatly moved but stopped her tears as she read Isaiah 61. It summarized in just one page all the desires, locutions, visions, and realizations she had received over twelve years! Rodel then remembered that months before meeting her, while he was in front of her building, God had given him a vision and description of her, telling him that he would meet her in this building and that they would help each other fulfill their visions.

From “taking our time” to Double Time
     From the start of the New Earth of Love Peace and Joy Foundation in 2009 until that April 18, 2011, there was no urgency in spreading the Total Consecration. Marie, her interior designer assistant Lou Libantino and the other active members of New Earth of Love Peace and Joy Foundation, Elsa Villa, Dindo Ibazeta, Oca Ragadio, and Matt Magpantay were happily spreading the Total Consecration, “taking our time” (meaning without any special hurry) within their circles of friends and professional colleagues. Larry Sunico designed the foundation’s logo. Joji de los Reyes of El Shaddai and her kids were spreading it through the net. Brenda Padilla and her friends from St. James Parish Alabang with Fr. Melvin Castro had organized various activities to spread it. Vince Borromeo, Rodel Mancilla, Pastor Nelson Belvis and Pastor Joel Raguini  had joined New Earth to spread the Total Consecration.

     After Mama Mary’s message to Marie on April 18, 2011,  Marie could no longer confine the spreading of the Total Consecration to her sweet left-over time but needed to work double time. Besides, Dindo, Elsa and Matt of New Earth; Malou and Beth of her meditation/prayer group kept confirming her in her mission. She held several meetings with them to plan a nationwide campaign. Most of them agreed to a nationwide campaign. A few said it was impossible. But the reality is that they were also busy with their jobs and other responsibilities such that Marie felt alone to accomplish such a big plan. She became disheartened and remarked that, “If I remain alone  in this, it means all my inspirations are my own inventions.” They reassured her that her inspirations were from God and that they would pray for her. Marie decided to give up but Rodel told her to give this burden to him. He said he will take care of spreading Total Consecration nationwide with the help of Christian pastors. That generous offer kept her from giving up.

Seeking the Spirit’s Light Thru Sister Glo
     Still unsure whether God wanted her to work with Rodel, Marie followed a confessor’s advice to see Sister Gloria Ros, an RVM nun at Mother Ignacia Healing Center, Caloocan City,  who had helped several priests he knew because she not only heals but receives revelations from God for them. Rodel learned about Marie’s plan and went with her. The day she met them, Sister Glo said, “Ah, you are the two visionaries God said are coming today.” That was the first time they were called such. They decided to continue working together as a result of the revelations from God Sister Glo transmitted to them on that occasion and on several occasions when they went to see her and to pray before the Blessed Sacrament in Mother Ignacia Healing Center.




Meeting with His Eminence Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales
     On August 24, 2011, at about ten am, Rodel, Marie and her cousin Vince Borromeo met with with Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales, D.D. in the Archbishop’s office of the Archdiocese of Manila. He was willing to  launch and support Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary in the Archdiocese of Manila, but since they wanted the activity to be interfaith, he said they needed to first consult the rules regarding interfaith actitivities with the respective CBCP commission.

Jesus Christ Five Fold Ministries, 2011
     However, consultation with CBCP was postponed because it was necessary to focus on preparations for the September 17,2011 launching of Jesus Christ Five Fold Ministries International in Antipolo City, an interfaith organization for the wholistic support of pastors, priests and religious leaders, also aimed at uniting the Filipino people through the Total Consecration. Thus, before Nationwide Total Consecration could be launched among Catholics, the Blessed Mother led Marie to spread it not just to Christians, but to Christian Pastors, who make part of Five Fold under the leadership of Rodel. These Christian pastors did the Total Consecration and are eager to spread it among Christian flocks.

Dr. John Florentine L. Teruel, P.P., PhD
     The talk on Mary in God’s Plan of Salvation delivered by Dr. John Florentine L. Teruel, P.P., PhD, Patriach and founding Bishop of the Apostolic Catholic Church (ACC) and the presence of their Bishops, priests, and a large number of their flock contributed very much to the success of Five Fold’s launching.  Furthermore, his interest to spread the Total Consecration in ACC who love Mama Mary very much and pray the ejaculation “Santa Maria purisima, sin pecado toda su vida” (Holy Mary most pure,  without sin, all her life) was a great encouragement at the start of our campaign for nationwide Total Consecration. Our providential connecting to him was also a further confirmation that Mama Mary desires to unite all her children as ONE in Jesus.

The Miracles of the Santo Nino (Holy Child Jesus)
     After Five Fold’s launching, New Earth and Five Fold started to work anew on the launching of  NationwideTotal Consecration in Manila. But again, man’s plan was changed by God. The miraculous swaying of the Santo Nino witnessed several times by several people in Misamis Oriental set in motion a series of events that brought Marie to Cagayan de Oro where Mama Mary showed her that she wanted Nationwide Total Consecration to be launched first in Mindanao. In fact, Marie learned about this miracles only after the  Dec. 10, 2011 launching of Nationwide Total Consecration. Only then did she understand what Jesus had told her on May 19, 2011, “Spread it like wildfire because it will be I who wlll spread it.”
    Similarly, in 1521, the reception of Santo Nino’s statue by Queen Juana of Cebu who begged it from Magellan in place of her idols, preceded her baptism and the flourishing of Christianity in the Philippines in just 44 years. Today, corruption, violence and poverty in our nation reflect the failure of skin-deep Christianity. The Santo Nino “who assumed the condition of a slave to set us free from the cruel slavery of the evil one”  and who willingly chose to obey Mary, invites us to imitate Him by our TOTAL CONSECRATION to Him thru Mary. Then shall we experience the rebirth of our nation that had received the gift of faith close to 500 years ago. Then shall we fulfill God’s design and destiny for our nation, so aptly described by Blessed Pope John Paul II on World Youth Day, January 15, 1995,

“ Dear people of God in the Philippines, go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth-your own world first, your families, your communities and the nation to which you belong and which you love; and the wider world of Asia, toward which the church in the Philippines has a special responsibility before the Lord; and the world beyond, working through faith for the renewal of God's whole creation.”


“They Are A People the Lord has Blessed.”
    Imagine every Filipino, regardless of religion, praying the Total Consecration. Consequently, imagine the Spirit of God thru Mary shaping each Filipino to be another Jesus who forgives because he loves, and whose love is proven by deeds. Imagine an entire nation surrendering itself completely  to Jesus  thru Mary, and the Son of God Himself rebuilding our nation. That is not  so hard to imagine. Did we not come from One God, and from one father Abraham? To date, over a thousand have prayed the TC including Christian pastors, Catholics, and Muslims. Only 95 million more to go. All we need are 300 committed people who will get 3 friends to pray the Total Consecration in a week and who will get 3 other people each to do the same, and so forth so on. In eleven  weeks, the TC shall have been prayed by 156 million! That would be the Philippines and several countries more! That’s for a start because the Total Consecration is not just prayed but lived. What man can conceive, man can achieve. Man is made in the image and likeness of God. He therefore shares God’s infinite creative power when he thinks, believes and moves (even entire mountains). Oh if we would only use God’s infinite creative power and love,  “Philippines” will have to be spelled “Paradise”!  Without God, man can do nothing. But when man accepts he is nothing, God does the impossible through man, as He did and does through His humblest creature and masterpiece, Mary, who said as we say when we live the Total Consecration, “Be it done unto me according to Your word.”

    God has destined us to be a holy nation, to bring all other nations back to him. We are one with God who loves us with craziness. That’s what the Total Consecration eventually brings us to experience through Mary. Then, as ONE NATION, we shall hear God say “They will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations…Instead of their shame, my people will receive a double portion…and everlasting joy will be theirs…All who see them will acknowledge that they are a people the Lord  has blessed.” (Isaiah 61)







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