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Testimony from CFC (Couples for Christ)

       Couples for Christ (CFC) of Misamis Oriental participated actively in the launching of the 2012 Nationwide Total Consecration and is committed to promoting it among its members so as to deepen their relationship with Jesus thru Mary, and to transform their families and society with love, peace and joy.

      “ Many CFC Members started the 33 day preparation for Total Consecration last January 1, 2012. Some have even sent text reminders. My wife Sony feels we are closer to Mama Mary. I get to recite the rosary more often. By the way, Boy S. brought the 100 books of Secret of Mary to Ozamis City. Praise Jesus thru Mary! “ - Dr. Jun G. Waga, specialist in Occupational Medicine and CFC Area Director for Misamis Oriental, Jan. 6, 2012

     “ I grew up in a very Marian environment but later my charismatic prayer life focused more on personal relationship with Jesus. Reading St. Montfort’s Total Consecration however, I realize this personal relationship can be more intense through the Motherhood of Mary. Last family Christmas reunion, I shared about the Total Consecration and distributed 40 books of The Secret of Mary by St. Montfort. I am glad everyone is working on the 33-day preparation before Total Consecration and I anticipate we will all consecrate on February 2, 2012.”    - Mr. Romy A. Banaynal, Food Security Strategy Expert for Ministry of Food and Agriculture, North Ghana, CFC member, Jan. 18, 2012


Testimony from WPI (Women Power Inc.) 

   Coordinators and members of WPI (Women Power Inc.), Mindanao Chapter, Region X who joined the launching of the 2012 NATIONWIDE TOTAL CONSECRATION came from many places of Mindanao: 16 Barangays of Cagayan de Oro ( Lapasan,  Tablon,  Puerto,  Bugo, Camaman-an,  Balulang, Bayabas, Kauswagan, Patag, Bulua, Iponan , Pagatpat, and Tuburan, Consolacion, Bonbon, Carmen). 13 Municipalities of Misamis Oriental (Balingasag, Claveria,  Jasaan, Talisayan, Villanueva, Tagoloan, Opol, Alubijid, Laguindingan, Naawan, Gitagum, Libertad and El Salvador); Bukidnon. WPI Vice President for Mindanao, Mrs. Maricar E. Matalam travelled from Cotabato.

      The homes and families of WPI members  who joined the Nationwide Total Consecration were not affected by terrible typhoon Sendong even if they are located in barangays that were flooded. For example, barangay Bayabas were I presently live, is surrounded by a creek. What a miracle it wasn’t  affected! WPI members who lost their homes and family members because of the  floods said they should have joined the Total Consecration Marian caravan.” – from Marilou C. Lluisma, WPI Secretary, Misamis Oriental, Jan. 9, 2012

     I was indeed so shocked that in my neighborhood,  the water reached up to half the level of their houses but in mine the flood didn’t enter! –Pilar S. Parreño, WPI Provincial Coordinator, Misamis Oriental, Region X.

    The area of my residence was flooded so all the houses were flooded  except mine. God is so good! -  Emma S. Maglangit, WPI City Coordinator, Cagayan de Oro City, Region X.

   What tragic incidents, as we looked right and left, our neighboring barangays were affected by floods, but God separated our area, upper Buara, Bayabas, Cagayan de Oro because we didn’t ignore His call to participate in the Total Consecration Marian Caravan and this was our prize!”- Arlene B. Seoña, WPI City Secretary, Cagayan de Oro City, Region X


Testimony of Brother Art Nunez from Iligan City, Jan.1, 2012:

     Your coming over to share the Total Consecration in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan is indeed a true mission!  I still remember when you quoted some message revelation about floods. We did the Consecration prayer with 45 groups of families (around 500 families) and they were protected by what we did.  I saw with my own eyes how the Consecration protected about 500 families who live in Kanaway Saray, Iligan. They live along the coast where over a thousand logs destroyed an area 300 meters away, leaving only two small houses. But in our area with more than 500 families, water around us was normal, as if there was no typhoon Sendong. We have 120 groups of fifteen families in Iligan and 300 groups in 3 other towns. Each family prays the rosary daily before the pilgrim Mother. We will add the praying of the Total Consecration to our prayers in all our groups. We need to re-orient the groups to know more the meaning of Total Consecration to Jesus thru Mary. God bless you and Happy New Year!  – Brother Art Nunez, coordinator, Mother Thrice Admirable.


Testimony of Dr. Cecilia Legarda, former Assistant Chief of Commission for Higher Education (CHED), NCR, Jan. 5, 2012:

     I arranged for Mr. Rodel M. (of Jesus Christ Five Fold Ministries who is helping to spread the Total Consecration)  to pray over Genovena Dedomo, sister of Dr. Linda Tacorda. She was scheduled for an operation because six doctors had said her arm needed to be amputated due to cancer. She and her husband were prayed over using the Total Consecration. She felt a tingling sensation. She and her husband cried and believed that Genovena was cured. She has been taking morphine twice a day because of her pain but that night she slept well without it. Linda got their family members to pray the Total Consecration for Genovena before her operation. The miracle is that she did not have to have her arm amputated and instead a mass was removed. Genoveva said after the  Total Consecration, she is closer to Our Lady. She now knows that she will not be abandoned by Our Lady and that she has a mission.


Testimony of Dr. Helen Maasin, Head Teacher III, Values Education Dept., MOGCHS (Misamis Oriental General comprehensive High School), Jan.9, 2012:

     December 10, 2011, I attended the launching of the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary  at the Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador City facilitated by Architect Marie Cancio.  Riding with me in jeepneys were around 358 students and more or less 10 teachers of MOGCHS ( Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School).  About the same number of students went with their parents. I was blessed because during the Mass there were confessions going on. I made the most beautiful confession I ever had in my entire life. I was able to bring all my sins before God through the priest confessor and felt God’s grace all day.
     That evening I dreamt of a terrible event I did not expect to come true after six days. I dreamt very clearly of a terrible tribulation happening in Cagayan de Oro.  A big body of water engulfed Cagayan de Oro.  There was water everywhere.  Destruction in every place was evident.  Many died and people panicked. Then I ran and ran and went to Xavier University to inform the Jesuits of what happened. I saw Father Rudy Fernandez,  my Spiritual Director and before he could say a word,  he saw with his very own eyes how terrible Mother Nature struck.  Then people from Xavier University through the leadership of the Jesuit priests organized and gathered the resources available to help the victims of the tribulation.  Then, suddenly from the heavens,  a great, bright light appeared – the brightest that I’ve ever seen.  Then the Blessed Mother clothed all in white , bigger than the statue of the (50 meter high) Divine Mercy in El Salvador City appeared above the clouds smiling at me, saying : “I will restore Cagayan de Oro.”  Then I woke up with a happy feeling, after seeing the Blessed Mother in my dream but I couldn’t believe  my dream.

     Dec. 12, 2011, I attended at the Archbishop’s Residence a meeting regarding Total Consecration with Marie Cancio and other top religious leaders and which Archbishop Antonio Ledesma joined. I remembered that I shared with Marie my dream but not its full details.   I only told her that I dreamt about the Blessed Mother all in white with bright radiance, smiling at me.  She listened to what I said but she did not take it seriously.  I understood her because she was very tired from her trip promoting the Total Consecration with Rodel in Iligan City.

     In the afternoon of Dec.16, 2011,  I met someone in Cugman.  At around 5:45 pm,  the rain was so strong and the wind was very wild.  But I did not entertain any thought that something wrong would happen.  Then at around 6:30 pm,  the rain stopped and I proceeded to Xavier University to attend our Christmas party. There was sudden and total black out.  A few minutes later, power resumed then was disrupted again, leaving us in darkness.

      It rained heavily again.  I went to MOGCHS and waited for the rain to stop.  But the more I expected  it to stop,  the more it rained heavily. I was able to go home only at about 11 pm but it was still raining heavily.  At home,  there was also a total black out so after dressing up,  I went to sleep. At around 12 midnight my cellphone rang and I heard Sister Ranet on the line shouting and trembling while pleading for my help. I could overhear on the line voices of people shouting and asking for help.  Then my cellphone shut off and I could not contact Sister Ranet anymore.

     Early the next morning, I prepared for my Xavier University class.  While driving along the Kauswagan bridge,  I could not believe the sight of so many logs, uprooted trees blocking my way and the water level of the river reaching almost the bridge floor.        Then I was made to coincide with Sister Ranet so I could see something which I later realized contrasted sharply with the fate of my MOGCHS students who had prayed the Total Consecration. Sr. Ranet and I agreed to meet at around 3:00pm to see her congregation’s apostolate area that had been affected by the flash flood – Calacala, Macasandig.

    With my two eyes I saw and experienced the heavy mud and overflowing water that destroyed the area.  We had to plunge in the mud and trekked the way to the apostolate area.  The area used to have more than 100 houses of students/tutees of Sister Ranet. Now only one house remained standing after the flash flood. 

     I managed to text my students who attended the Nationwide Total Consecration launching.  I don’t know why but I had listed the names and contact details of those who attended the event last December 10. I am happy to know that most of those students who attended including our teachers were not greatly affected by the flood.  They were spared from the tribulation. The students who attended the TC launching are fourth year students. I’m very happy to know that no one has died from MOGCHS entire Yr. IV students although 6 died out of about 10,500 student population.  Until now,  I haven’t texted all of them yet but most of them were thankful to the Blessed Mother and to Jesus for sparing their lives and those of their family.           As of the moment,  we are preparing for the launching of the Total Consecration in our own level on January 20, 2012.  I plan to invite again those who attended the December 10 Total Consecration and we shall simultaneously do the 33-day preparation before Consecration everyday  after the daily Mass we have at the Fatima Chapel.  As of now,  we haven’t finalized the date of our launching because I am still very busy facilitating and spearheading the distribution of relief goods of our teachers and students as well.

     I believe that my dream will come true… that the Blessed Mother will restore Cagayan de Oro.  I know our City will rise again full of hope, trust and faith in God through the Blessed Mother.  After all, the true spirit of Christmas – the spirit of giving and sharing was concretely manifested by the Cagay-anons in this time of crisis we are facing.  Yes,  most of those who are affected especially those who lost their family members shared the experience of Job,  who like them,  also lost everything he had.  Like He did with Job,  I know that God will restore our beloved Cagayan de Oro.  After all,  we are not just a city of golden friendship now but a city of hope where LOVE, PEACE AND JOY reside!  Mabuhay ang Cagayan de Oro!


Abp Ledesma



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