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Message Thru Marie - July 30, 2011

Message thru Marie written down July 30, 2011

Jesus: Prepare your souls! My child, I know you, I KNEW YOU before you
entered your mother's womb and took flesh. I knew what you would need to
grow in My Light.

Prepare your souls! I know what is best for you. Think of who I
chose as your mother and father, your siblings....and later on,
think on who I sent to help you with your crosses - your
simon's and veronica's...You were never alone.

Prepare your souls! I waited patiently for you to come to me, but
now I must hurry everyone, because the time of My Mercy is nearing
its end. (I sense really a closing pressure timewise, spiritual heaviness
and sleepless nights due to request for prayers and offerings to lighten
what is coming- some days I am constantly invoking the precious blood
of Jesus to cover crowds of people I happen to be around -for ex. in a super
market or crowded mall, at church or just caught in traffic...I try to send
out a circle of prayer and protection like with as wide a coverage as I can

As the times get harder, my children who stay the course receive more
of my gifts, to strengthen you in this very difficult journey. I pour these gifts
now, and I know you sense it as well my child. Because not only do you
respond to my guidance, you also are learning to wait on some promptings
without needing to ask the why's anymore. You are learning to comfort those
whom I send  your way without thinking how you would appear. You would pray
and become enlightened about a situation that led to the state they found
themselves in.

Preparation is essential to your peace of mind. The habit of turning to Me
when you are anxious or perturbed about some major 'hurdle' or crisis that
doesn't seem to resolve in your personal life and simply calling on me at
the start of the day, this kind of focus on Me, trust In Me, and faith in my
protection is something that must be in place prior to My warning.

You are going to be so needed to help after the effects of your life review

Why do you think I am not easing up on the pressures you receive daily?
All the lessons you learned and continue to live must be in place prior
to the shaking of men's conscience. Not one soul will remain unaffected by
this brief glimpse of your lives as Love confronts the dark shadows that
encompass many of men's souls today.

This awakening is happening already for those who draw close to Me. In
gradual stages I reveal to my chosen instruments what is still needing
purifying in them. It is painful and yes, it is the only way to rebuild fully
the Kingdom of God within. To light up your sanctuaries requires so much
work on your part. However, through a deep trust in Me, you need not fear
such hard work because I also gift you the grace, if you but ask, to trust,
to believe, to Love and to let the light shine through.

Notice how I do not release to you preparations of body(physical). (i've been wondering
this thing myself). It is useless I tell you to prepare physically if you have not
attained the spiritual level that shall need to be in place to survive the onslaught of what is to take
place. This is why if you notice my messages always involve lessons on
death - various letting go, allowing the pride inside you, the envy, greed, etc
to be crushed again and again. These lessons have been forgotten, and in
part this is the deception of the enemy. He truly is the father of lies when he
allows you to think it is easy to reach a state of grace.

Another preparation I have been directing you to is continuous, stronger reliance on Me, thru prayer, on
a deep prayer life. Already you have acceded some of my requests to learn more prayers and
litanies and chaplets. These you may share at a later time but for now I wish to stress on the two
greatest weapons that men will need when I am no longer given as bread to my flock.

The greatest weapons I urge my children to use unceasingly are the rosary and the
divine mercy chaplet. In fact you have learned one secret about the divine mercy
chaplet and it is that for near impossible or impossible requests such as impossible
conversions or extremely critical illnesses, the repetition of the chaplet  7 times
daily for seven days shall implore the greatest act of mercy from the Father. Recall
why it is seven times seven. Recall the parable where I was asked by Peter how many times
must we forgive our neighbor, is it seven times, and I replied, no, it should be
seventy times seven times. My ways of mercy are boundless and difficult to comprehend
until I live in you and you radiate my mercy towards others. It is difficult to understand
and to live this kind of charity and act of mercy towards those that hurt you repeatedly
and of course it would be your desire to protect yourself from further hurt, until you
realize how often I have forgiven you as you try to make your ascent to the Father. When you
can see the offender and say with your heart, Father, forgive him for he knows not what he is
doing. then you have reached the height of divine charity which is my Divine mercy. Then, you have
died to your human heart and live in My Heart.

Again I say, prepare prepare prepare. So much forgiveness needed because the times
are dry, as has been said often by other visionaries, these are the end times you live in.
So little faith. This is what you need to rebuild, what you need to prepare most of all.
Miracles are coming to those who are filled with the Holy Spirit and live in my peace,
in my heart, in my Light. My faithful few...be guided by the Holy Spirit and your heavenly blessed
Mother. Let my love and mercy pour upon your souls. 

I now give you a reverse parable - now, among a hundred sheep there is only one sheep who is following
Me, who Trusts Me, who Loves Me and depends on Me, and ninety nine are lost, stuck in dark places
where my Light does not shine. I now ask my one faithful sheep - I ask you to help save others. Won't you
help me? I saved you...won't you save others? I wish to draw all back to Me but to bring all back I need
you to help me. Yes, I wish this. I wish to save through you. For when I am in you, it is still Me in you saving
your other lost brothers. Won't you help me?

end of message


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