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This is the message of the Mother of Love Peace and Joy who appeared to Filipina visionary Emma De Guzman last Sept. 8, 2011 in Mountain of Salvation, Batulao, Batangas.

(The one who recorded this just brought her laptop to the Mountain of Salvation and tried her best to take down the message as Emma spoke after Mama Mary appeared to her. Few sentences were missed.)



Emma: I was still aware when I was on my knees because when I was sitting nahihirapan ako. Mahirap ang meditation. I heard the wings flying then heard the voices of the angels, just like what happened on Dec 8. The angels comes first then Mama Mary. She appeared as Mother of Love Peace and Joy and as Mother of hope. She thanked us for being here. Very special is holy mass and she is very thankful to priests. Tell them that I love them very much. She was also telling the priests who are happy to be here that she will always protect us under her mantle, she was talking about the people.

The first thing I did was to greet her happy bay. She talked about this time that the whole world is in chaos because many of her children are not really listening to her messages. She appeared many times but many of her children don’t listen to her messages. In spite of that she still loves us very much. The will of her Son is that many of her children do the will of God but there is a lot who do not listen. It is their pride. In 2011 she means it, year 2011 to 15 and even 16 there will be a lot of sacrifices because of what is happening in the whole world. Th will of God in our country is not happening because of our pride. She asked for peace and unity. Peace to forgive and to reconcile. There is something that she is telling that we have to help each other. With prayers of her children esp. in Mt. of salvation. Ang mga prayers maganda because of prayer even once a month because so many people in the world don’t pray. In the Philippines we are millions she is very very happy that may nakikinig sa mensahe nya, because of our humility. Ito ay nagbibibigay ng miracles. Ang Diyos ang nakakaalam sa mga pangyayari sa lupa. Yung hinihingi niya hindi nangyayari. Ang nangyari ay will ng tao because of pride. Sa hindi magandang mga nangyayari, God is in control. Doon sa hindi maganda, matututo ang tao.  Pero hindi niya pababayaan tayo during this end times. This Mountain of salvation is physical but sa totoo ang Panginoon is the mountain of salvation. Because of our prayers, miracles will happen. Word of Jesus will happen in our country and in other parts of the world who will listen. Kahit na may mga di maganda mangyayari ang Panginoon ay in control dahil mahal niya tayo. The prayers of His children will bring the miracle. Yoong kamalian yun ay gagawin niyang maganda because pakikita niya ang kanyang kapangyarihan.

Fr. Dennis Paez: Emma, there was a time na naiiyak ka, bakit?

Emma: Sabi ni Mama Mary marami akong apparition dito but some messages of Our Lord did not happen. The more that she is giving the message of encouragement and hope the more the devil is doing this para madistract tayo sa ginagawa natin … Pero dahil sa mga taong nagmamahal sa panginoon, ..His promise will be fulfilled. Kahit the Will of god is not happening in our country, God will make it maganda. Will of Mama Mary is that we have to forgive. Forgiveness is a gift, grace of God. Kung pinatawad ng Panginoon, yung pagpatawad ay miracle. Kung mangyari yang hinihingi ng Mahal Birhen (forgiveness),…Yoong sinabi nya dati na ang ating bansa ay magiging center of spirituality ay mangyayari. The grace is there, God is just waiting for her children. Ang Mahal na Birhen ay hindi aalis…ang Diyos pa rin ang gagawa ng yung di maganda ay gagawin niyang maganda.

Napakalaki ng pagmamahal ni Mama Mary sa mga pari. She wants to encourage us to bring priests here. Even if this place is small, it begins big. In the 3 mountains- Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao , miracles will happen. We will have peace and unity. Ang kalimitang kasagutan na hinihingi ng panginoon sa tao ay ating humility, yan ang hinihingi ng Mahal na Birhen.

All the priest, bishops, cardinal..yan ang kalungkutan ko… ang mangyayari…dapat ipagtanggol ang ating simbahan at ating pari kahit ano mang mangyari dito. Ipagtatanggol ko ang simbahan, ang gift of faith, kahit ano ang mangyari.

Yung may sakit sabi ng Mahal na Birhen you are here because of offerings. The sickness and problems of your family, your children- all that you offered  Mama Mary the angels will bring to heaven. God gives the graces. Whatever we ask God will answer according to his will. God will give us his grace so we will have healing. Healing is reconciliation, forgiveness. We have to have compassion, kung lagi nagagalit sa kapwa, we will never have peace. Yung taong ganyan will never have peace. Mama Mary wants that we have peace in our soul . As long as you live you will not have peace if ikaw ay galit sa kapwa because peace comes from God.

Tungkol sa end times: andito na tayo sa end times, everything is happening in the whole world..everything is happening here. We are in the end times and we have to be ready. Kung napansin sa mga lugar sa iba't iband parte ng mundo, uung mainit nagiging lamig. Yung mga lugar na dati'y walang lindol nag kaka lindol. You will receive sufferings . Yes there will be in our country. What is written will happen. We need sufferings because with sufferings magkakaroon ng kalinisan .Remnants. I want to be simple child of God, simple faith hindi gagawa ng masama sa kapwa. Yung end times makikta na sa buong mundo. Mama Mary will always be here to protect us pero if tayo magkakamali yung si God the Father magbibigay ng suffering pero dahil mahal nya tayo ay magagawa nyang maganda ang hindi maganda.
Question from the audience: May time po na maraming beses kayo nag fflying kiss, anu po ibig sabihin nun?
Nandoon si St. Therese of Lisieux, John Paul II , John the Apostle, Magdalen de Paci, St. Teresa of Avila.. They were all here to pray with us. It was a miracle. Blessed Mother gave me a lot of inspiration I kissed them that I kissed.

Dennis: did saints say anything? No

Summary by Fr. Dennis Paez:
1. Pakinggan ang mga mensahe ng Mahal na Birhen
2. we have to forgive… and be compassionate with one another.

 end of message

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